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School Supply List

School Supplies Graphic


**** Individual teachers will add 2 -3 more items, depending on their individual classroom needs ****


1—Box of Tissues

1—Box Crayons 

4—Large Glue Sticks

1—Small pair of Scissors

1—Box Baby Wipes or Clorox Wipes

6—Dry Erase Markers

2—Plastic 3 Prong Pocket Folders

1—Pencil Pouch (No Boxes)

3—12 Pack Pencils (Ticonderoga #2)

5—1 Subject Notebooks


1—Pair Scissors

1—Ruler, Inches and Metric

3—12 Pack Pencils (Ticonderoga #2)

3– Highlighters

6– Glue Sticks

4– Dry Erase Markers

1—Pencil Box

4—Folders w/ Pockets

5—Single Subject Spiral Notebooks (Wide Ruled with pockets)

6—Red Pens

1—Scotch Tape

1—Box Baby Wipes or Clorox Wipes

Large Pink Erasers

1— Ear buds/Headphones


2—Boxes of Ticonderoga Pencils #2

1—Pack of pencil top erasers

2—6 Pack of Expo Whiteboard Markers

2—Pair of earbud headphones (personal use only)

1—Large container of disinfectant wipes

2— Packages of post its, (square or rectangle)

2— Package of skinny highlighters - multi colored

1—Soft pencil pouch - No pencil boxes - personal property

1– 2” Binder with clear view pocket on the front 

1—Pack of 8 divider tabs for binders (preferably with pockets)

2— Large packs of college ruled notebook paper

10—Glue Sticks

1—Ream of copy paper

5th graders love to use their own mechanical pencils.  Feel free to
supply your child with their own mechanical pencils and lead.